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I’m very tired of people who treat Freud as the be-all and end-all of psychology. Today I heard someone insist that clinical psychology is still mostly based on his ideas, and refer to id-ego-superego like the three are definite and extant things. They don’t seem to have paid attention to Berne’s parent-adult-child model, or Wei Dai’s master-slave model, or Peter Carroll’s multitude-in-envelope model, or any of the many other models of the self, despite the fact that each of them explain certain aspects of human behavior much better than I-E-S.

Freud, by today’s standards, was not a good psychologist. He had no concrete methods, and fixated on sex to the exclusion of all else. He started work that led us to better answers, but everyone should take what he believed with a huge grain of salt. The claim that psychology is still following his ideas is like saying that chemists are following the ideas of alchemists; it’s technically true, but if you start talking about philosophers’ stones and turning base metals into gold, you are no less wrong.

The class I heard this in is meant to delve into the philosophy of gender-expression and media, which incidentally involves mostly Freud, Lacan and Foucault. I suggest, although the person in question won’t be reading this, that we instead look to the Greeks- one in particular. Epicurus, although he did not know as much of the universe or of philosophy as we do today, understood what philosophy was for. Philosophy is meant to end human suffering, and any philosophical argument or idea or book that doesn’t do this is, as he wrote, empty.

What does it matter, if this film is problematic, or that gender-role was changed, if it has no application to us? There are people being harmed, physically and emotionally, by broken systems and prejudiced people. What does it matter what word some dead bearded man would’ve put to it, in his obsolete Theory of Everything? What Freud had to say about childhood development is of no more use to me than my uncle’s. These people are not qualified any more- we have grown, learned and eventually surpassed them.

This is the lofty height of literature and media, but it’s sand. The highest math is just the most complex application of other math. The highest science is the most advanced combination of what came before. But this… this is just a game of chasing and classifying shadows in the etchings of history, to no end. We take in endless gulps of new information, but we don’t learn. We build detailed latticework out of words, but we don’t grow. We make doe-eyes at the past and color sex-starved half-intellectuals rose, but we dare not surpass them.

We would pull a mask over ourselves and take on Freud’s biases and failures and halfbaked notions, and we call ourselves objective. A person who does that is no better than the Objectivist who mistakes Ayn Rand’s map for the territory, or anyone else who lets a dead person do their thinking for them.

It’s not education, it’s idol-worship.

‘Don’t laugh at us.’ Amphigorey was angry, but containing it well. ‘Not when you’ve burned so many worlds. Not when you’re at our mercy for once.’

Then suddenly there was no contempt. ‘Worlds?’ she said, curiously. She looked away. ‘Is there a War King at last? Who is he? What is he? Dvora?’

Another masked glance between Greenaway’s two senior cousins, real confusion in their careless movement. This was going very wrong, but the Homeworlder looked back to them with something like sympathy. ‘I don’t withdraw my threat. But I’ll tell you this. You know nothing about my numbers, my ship, or my superiors, because there aren’t any. It’s me and me alone, House Nothing. Now get out of my way or I’ll destroy you.’

-Newtons Sleep

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Anyone know where I can find a copy of “Zygon: When Being You Just Isn’t Enough”?

It used to be on dailymotion but I can’t find it now. I’m trying to look through my old places but mobile makes it difficult.

Here’s a link to it. If you’re planning to view it online you need to make a (free) account. Or you could right-click the video, copy the link, and paste it here.



Anonymous asked: Actually, Erasing Sherlock was, originally, a Supernatural romance ebook. Got a few literary rewards. The Faction Paradox series elements were added after the fact for the Faction Paradox version. And there weren't very many changes overall. And I think that, near as I can tell, the version currently on Kindle basically is the Faction Paradox version except with a different cover.

(2/2) I mean, I’ve read both versions of Erasing Sherlock. And near as I can tell there’s only one major Faction Paradox series element, towards the end. Both versions have it.

I wouldn’t know, man. I haven’t read it yet myself.

A Complete Review of “Of the City of the Saved” in 100 Words

Read 200 pages of it in one night, but more because I wanted to finish it than because of engagement. Wonderful premise with eureka-references and interesting form-playing, plenty of laugh-out-loud humor (cheers for that), but the setting’s too big for the pages. The first two thirds moved interminably in a direction I couldn’t make out, and then I blinked and missed half the climax. Awesome characters I’m invested in get no screen time! The two most interesting characters have an epic showdown, but it takes up about fifty words on the next to last bleeding page of the plot!!!


Bloodline from bloodline we smuggle our cargo,
His pattern, his flesh in a human imago,
Defying stagnation, the will of the City
Grandfather watch me
Spirits have pity

-Little Brother Edward, Of the City of the Saved…


reesegarrett asked: You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir.


Thank you.

I’ve just realized that my ultimate destiny is basically to update the entire Faction Paradox wiki. I’ve started by giving Coz and Valentine pages.

Also- Loz, Coz, weird synchronicity there, eh? Is Coz’s real name ever stated in This Town?

Every fact of science was once damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly. The entire web of culture and progress, everything on Earth that is man-made and not given to us by Nature, is the concrete manifestation of some man’s refusal to bow to authority. — Hagbard Celine, Never Whistle While You’re Pissing

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